2016 Honeybunch

Vintage Overview

2016 was a warm dry summer after a very dry winter. A well-established root system on heavy clay subsoil sustains the vines through drier years as experienced in 2016.



The vineyard rows run from North East to South West and the vines are on a low single strand trellis. This row direction exposes the morning sun side to the prevailing summer wind out the south and shelters these bunches from the harsher afternoon sun. The Honeybunch is made from the first pick through this vineyard. All the exposed bunches on the morning sun side only are harvested. They turn a golden colour as a result of their exposure to the sun and develope a unique honeyed character.

Aspect: South
Age: 35 years old
Yield: 6 tons/ha



Sorting: Bunches sorted on a conveyor belt and then destemmed.

Fermentation: 12 hour maceration on the skins in the press before pressing. After an overnight settling the juice is then put to 225L French oak barrels and fermented wild. The wine goes through malolactic fermentation and 1 year maturation in the same barrels before being racked and bottled.

Maturation: 1 year in 225 litre French oak barrels. 20 percent new barrels used.


Tasting Notes & Analysis

Colour: Rich, golden colour.

Nose: Limey with characteristic floral honeysuckle. Light leesiness giving a nutty character bringing a savoury element to the fresh fruit.

Palate: Fresh entry with a creamy acidity. Light phenolic grip from the skin contact bring breadth and length with a lanolin waxiness polishing it off.

13.81 % Alc.; pH 3.42; R.S. 3.3 g/l; 5,2 g/l TA; 0.54 g/L VA; 24 mg/L FSO2; 96 mg/L TSO2.