Family Winery

Run by brothers Chris and Rob and father Murray Boustred, where family values are held at the core of all operations. 

Stellenbosch, South Africa

A region representing a diversity of terroir and soils, ideal for the production of exceptional wines.

Story Tellers

Each of our wines are a sum of their unique stories, the vintage, the climate and the people involved in their journey.

Remhoogte Wine Estate

We are a family winery with vineyards on the foothills of the Simonsberg mountain, Stellenbosch. Our wines are a product of ancient soils, steep slopes and winds off the cold Atlantic Ocean. They tell the story of the vineyards, our heritage and passion for winemaking and preserving the land for future generations. Our aim is to bring joy to all who experience our wines and to make them feel a part of the Remhoogte family. 

Farm responsibly

Act with integrity

Be authentic

Celebrate family

Recent Accolades

We so appreciate positive feedback, it really justifies the pride we take in the quality of wines we produce and the welcoming and friendly service that comes along with visiting our tasting room.

Remhoogte 96 Points
Tim Atkin Report 94 Points
Wine Mag 94 Points
Prescient Top 10

Winemaking Philosophy

We would like people who drink our wines to experience the estate, our soils, our slopes, our vines and our terroir. Wine should be experienced and not merely drunk and we endeavour to make every bottle of our wine a memorable experience. 


Winemaking Philosophy

We believe wine is made in the vineyards, and our goal is to allow the vineyards to express themselves by interfering as little as possible. As a result we have adopted a minimalist approach in both the vineyards and the cellar. The idea being to minimise the human influence on the final product.


Winemaking Philosophy

The goal in the cellar is to facilitate the production of wine from grapes and not merely manufacture wine. This is again done by following the minimalist approach of nothing added apart from a small amount of SO2 prior to bottling.


Winemaking Philosophy

All grapes are hand sorted in the cellar to remove m.o.g. (material other than grapes) and unripe grapes before they go to tank. Wild or naturally occurring yeasts are allowed to ferment the grapes before the wine is drained off the skins and allowed to mature in French oak barrels before being racked and bottled.


Winemaking Philosophy

I love opening a bottle of wine, it is like unlocking a time and a place. You can experience the terroir of the wines origin and the climate that the vines experienced in the year the wine was made. This is also why I am passionate about Estate Wines, as you are drinking wine from a very specific place in a specific area.